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Five Key Trends Impacting the Community Industry with CMX CEO David Spinks


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23 Groundbreaking Sessions

The Creativity (R)Evolution with Denise Jacobs    
When does one equal far more than one? Join the (R)Evolution to discover how to cultivate your creative spark and that of others to set you, your team, and your company on the path to betterness.

Intimacy at Scale: Building Community with Brand Ambassadors with Kara Cronin
Looking to grow your company and build loyalty at the same time? Give brand ambassadors a seat at the table. Join Kara to learn how fostering connections among strangers with one thing in common — love for your brand — can help you build products, facilitate meaningful relationships, and activate your audience.

Making Easy Work of a Career in Community with Sarah Hawk
Organizations which truly prioritize community are rare, which means our roles are often the first cut when things get tight. Building a strong network and a great reputation can help ensure that you’re always employed. Hawk has built a successful and fulfilling career without a single job interview. Find out how she did it.

Escape the Engagement Trap and Multiply the Value of Your Community with Richard Millington
Do you feel pressured to always up your engagement metrics? Richard will teach you why you shouldn't waste your career or your community’s potential chasing engagement. He'll refocus your work to set expectations, give value to your members, and hone member behavior.

The State and Future of Community Platforms (panel) with Mitali Pattnaik, Lindsay Russell, and David Hersh
You'll hear from industry experts who are behind the scenes on some of the biggest and innovative community platforms. Moderated by CMX CEO David Spinks, our panelists will share recent updates and get candid about where community technology is headed.

Five Key Trends Impacting the Community Industry with David Spinks
The community industry continues to grow and evolve. CMX CEO David Spinks will review the key trends happening in the community industry today.

Communities in Projects – Developing Culture Inside Our Work with Miranda Barrett
People come together for all kinds of reasons – work projects, volunteer committees, conferences, even travel. When you create a culture of shared purpose, accountability, and trust, those groups transform from ‘project teams’ to highly-functional communities can exceed what they set out to do. Miranda will focus on the stages of group development in projects, and how each one is an opportunity to build a highly-effective community.

FOMO for Good: Building Blockchain Communities with Savannah Peterson
Join Savannah to learn about blockchain beyond the crypto buzz. We'll explore what this community powered paradigm shift means for you, and illustrate the power of FOMO through a case study on crowdfunding the humanoid robot Sophia's brain.

What We Can Learn from Indigenous Tribes for Our Communities with Jessica Wawoe
Indigenous tribes have organized themselves into often thriving groups with specific rites, rituals, and traditions. Jessica focuses on gathering knowledge from tribes all over the world and presenting what can be applied in other areas, such as operations and community building. She will share what makes a strong tribe, how to lead and assign roles, and suggested rituals to adopt in your community.

Self-Care Isn't Selfish: Strategies for Bringing Your Best Self to Your Community with Tiffany Yu
You're a rock for everyone in your community, but how do you prevent community manager burnout? Tiffany, who runs a community for the disabled (including chronic illness and mental health), will walk you through strategies to take care of yourself and make sure you can give your community 100%.

Community Is Our Product: Why We're Betting on User Engagement, Not User Reach, to Build a Sustainable Business with Ben DeJarnette
Trust in traditional news media is at an all-time low, and many of our local news sources are steadily shrinking due to declining revenue. That's why journalists today can't afford not to put community at the center of their editorial and business strategies. We'll talk about the specific ways media companies are doing this across the industry and at WhereBy.Us – a media company serving communities of curious locals through email newsletters and community experiences that create impact, value, and long-term relationships.

We All Contain Multitudes!: Mapping Multiple Identities to Your Community Engagement Strategies with Dr. Stephanie E. Vasko
Create a map for your community engagement strategies. Stephanie will demonstrate how she connects the multitude of her own identities for use in personas and ultimately community engagement at Michigan State University. She’ll underscore the value of recognizing the multitudes in all of us, and she’ll offer five takeaways to consider in mapping your community member personas to the infrastructure of your organization and to the design of programming for your community.

Provide a Human Touch in Your Online Community with Rajiv Patel
How do you bridge the gap between your community members’ online and in-person presence? How do you make your users feel like they’re interacting with a human and not a robot? Join Rajiv to hear tips and tricks on how to make a “real” impact in your community.

Health Measurements That Actively Help You Improve Your Community with Ben Leong
How can you tell if your community is healthy? What should you measure, and what can you actually do with that data once you have it? Learn how good health metrics identify where problems occur and help community managers prioritize where to put their resources to best effect.

Big Data or Big Responsibility? How to Give, Not Take, with User Data with Eryn Peters
User data is a goldmine — but for whom? Most organizations measure the ROI of community for the organization itself, but are we overlooking its value to community members? What if we stopped thinking of user data as something to capitalize on, and let it teach us how to grow instead? What if by doing the best for our community, we do the best for the business?

How You Too Can Leverage the Power of Video with David Singer and Justin DeMers
Video may be the best way to connect with people when you’re not face-to-face as it provides a common unifier and language, but it’s also the most intimidating to create. David and Justin will demonstrate how they leveraged video and storytelling to grow their community and will provide you with the knowledge to conquer your fears and video!

Save the Drama for Yo' Mama: 5 Strategies for Resolving Team and Community Conflicts Tactfully with Terri Lomax
While conflicts and disagreements are an unavoidable part of life, they can grow fast and spread like wildfire if left unattended or handled carelessly in an online community. Terri has put out many conflict fires. She will share her go-to strategies for diffusing conflict with relatable case studies and empower you to establish expectations early on to minimize friction in the long run.

Community Retention: How to Science the Heck out of It with Anuj Adhiya
You’ve built your community, but keeping your members engaged is always an ongoing challenge. How do you craft a plan that will keep them coming back for more? Anuj will walk you through the three stages of member churn, identify strategies for helping them get through each stage, and you'll learn from tactics that communities (and popular apps) have used to improve retention.

Power to the People: Advocate Community in Product and Engineering with Megan Berry
We all know communities hold incredible product insights. However, ensuring those insights are maximized across teams can be a struggle. As a community turned product person, Megan will share advice and actionable tips for better communication and integration with product and engineering.

Inclusive Community: Don't Leave One out of Five from Your Community with Rajesh Kalidindi
The very first engagement with your community is through digital experience for tech and non-tech communities. Unfortunately, 1 billion people with disabilities on this planet are unable to use the digital experience effectively due to the inaccessible technology. Let it be a simple electronic communication or a community platform software. In fact, 70% of disabilities are invisible. Having empathy for inclusive experiences benefits not only someone with disabilities, but also helps people WITH all abilities. Now is the time to act on including EVERYONE in the Community Experiences.

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"CMX Summit was a fantastic experience. I have already written up a post with a major call-to-action for our internal teams. I can't wait to use the information learned to help take our community efforts forward."

Kris Freedain
User Community Manager at AWS Elemental

"CMX Summit not only opened up my eyes to tons of excellent knowledge and community building strategies, but also made me fall in love with my job again and realize the importance of community."

Briana Dodson
Social Media Community Manager at The Penny Hoarder

"CMX did a great job of selecting speakers that apply the concept of community to a wide range of areas like tech, government, film, social entrepreneurship, and religion. That's why I would definitely recommend CMX to anyone. Community is integral to human happiness because we all want to belong to something bigger than ourselves, whether we realize it or not. Happy humans translate to good business."

Natalie M. Garda
Content Marketing Manager at Nexosis

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