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The Community Narrative: How Storytelling Can Humanize and Amplify the Value of What You Do with Michael Margolis


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33 Groundbreaking Sessions

David SpinksWelcome to CMX Summit 2017

Presenter: David Spinks
Community is evolving. CMX CEO David Spinks welcomes you to CMX Summit 2017, and he will dive into how our industry is growing and what opportunities are out there for community professionals and business utilizing community.

The Next Phase of Community Strategy: Innovation

Presenter: Jeremiah Owyang
Join Jeremiah Owyang, founder of Community Manager Appreciation Day (CMAD), who will challenge your community strategy and career to uplevel to the next phase: corporate innovation. Find out how external and internal communities can crowdsource the next generation of your company's products and services.

How the Heck Do I Actually Use Chatbots in My Community?

Presenter: Audrey Wu
Chatbots are all the rage right now. But what exactly is a chatbot, and how can it be used to enhance community engagement? Audrey Wu will explain the basics of chatbots, get you caught up on the technology, and then dive into how you might utilize them to better your community.


Presenter: Erica Kuhl
A shift is happening, and we're leaning into it with the full power of Salesforce. Our mission is to empower our customers, partners, and developers to blaze their own trails, as well as to motivate and educate with how we live our values of trust, growth, innovation, and equality. It's about empowering businesses be a major drivers of good and encouraging every individual realize their full potential in their careers and lives.

Fostering Community: Lessons from Facebook & Its Top Group Admins

Presenter: Linda Xiong
The key components of building community online are relatively uniform, no matter your mission: unite people who share a common belief or passion, create content that keeps them engaged, and inspire them to take action. But there's so much more to building community than simply following the right formula. This talk and the following panel will examine the un-written rules of community building, including moments of success and lessons learned along the way.

Panel: Facebook Power Administrators

Presenters: Linda Xiong, Lola Omolola, Brian Copeland, and Haley Woods  
How do you run a Facebook Group with over a million members? Linda Xiong from Facebook sits down with Facebook power admins, Brian Copeland, Haley Woods, and Lola Omolola for a conversation about community, growth, and scale. They'll share their challenges, triumphs, and stories about how their groups have changed people's lives.

Starting Strong - How to Make an Impact in Your New Community Role in 90 Days

Presenter: Jennifer Sable Lopez
You landed the perfect community role, and you’re ready to jump in and make things happen. But how do you make an impact and not fall flat? Jennifer Sable Lopez walks you through real life strategies to help ensure you soar in your first 90 days.

Partner with Your Community for a Better Product

Presenter: Marc Siegel
Customers are great at pinpointing ways your product can be improved. Learn to listen to their ideas and respond so they feel part of the team. You'll get insight into how to internally build processes to ensure this valuable input is not only heard, but also pushed forward into the product.

Moderation Is Stressful, but Burnout Is Optional

Presenter: Jenn Patel
How do you stay healthy while dealing with moderation stress, especially as you scale your community? Jenn Patel will demonstrate her 4-step plan for using stress to formulate solutions and her self-care tips. You'll walk away armed with strategies to avoid burnout and help you be successful in your work.

Undeniable Chemistry: The Relationship between Customer Marketing and Community

Presenter: Holly Elizabeth Herbert
Internal team siloing causes customers pain. Holly Elizabeth Herbert will share how breaking down these silos and working together with a customer-centric approach is a win for both customers and the company. She'll explore how to optimize the relationship between community management and customer marketing, create an integrated customer experience, and measure ROI success at key points in the customer journey.

Leveling Up Your Community Career

Presenter: Trish Fontanilla
Sometimes we get so focused developing our communities and companies that we forget about our own professional development. Trish Fontanilla will show you different ways of advancing your community career. You’ll learn day-to-day tricks to managing your personal community to more involved projects like creating your own advisory board.

Building Successful Product Community with Facebook Groups

Presenter: Suzi Nelson
Suzi Nelson will break down how to use Facebook groups to increase conversions, reduce churn, and increase customer value. You'll learn the exact strategies she uses to build successful product communities on the most popular (and free!) social media platform in the world.

Scale and Sustain Global Community Growth (Like the Ants)

Presenter: Daniel Franc
Complex natural systems can guide us in building large global communities on scale, on budget, and while contributing to the bottom line. As partners to Google Developer Groups, we helped this developer meetup community evolve to a massive movement, maintaining their independence and flat structure. Our approach has an equivalent not so much in established business theories, but in some rather unexpected systems in nature. Let's explore how you can use them too to run any scaleable community.

How To Cultivate Your Best Content From Your Biggest Fans

Presenter: Lindsey Erlick
Content is everything, but how you get to that content isn’t always clear. Join Pearson’s Lindsey Erlick as she walks you through the surprisingly simple, yet easy-to-overlook steps toward getting that all-important content right from your brand’s biggest advocates. She'll share best practices on making UGC shine and grow.

Laws and Other 4-Letter Words Community Pros Need to Know

Presenter: Sara F. Hawkins
Running a community means playing different roles. Sometimes you're required to be a referee or judge, others an executioner or jury. Understanding the legal issues your community may face and the solutions available will give you the confidence and expertise to address these difficult matters as they arise.

Building a UGC Community When You're 130 Years Old

Presenter: Christina Shorter
Submitting to UGC can be intimidating for members. Christina Shorter will share what she's learned growing a photography community under a brand very well-known for it's photography. You'll get tips on how to grow the size of your community, maintain engagement, and empower all users at every level to come together and collaboratively tell stories together.

Give Work: Leveraging Traditional Business to Bring Opportunity to the Global Talent Pool

Presenter: Leila Janah
Leila Janah founded Samasource in 2008 on the premise that while talent may be equally distributed throughout the world, opportunity is not. Samasource bring digital work to people living in poverty around the globe, a practice called impact sourcing. Now a self-sustaining social, community enterprise, Samasource has launched a call to action to corporations to create a more equitable global community by leveraging their investments across their supply chains to give work to those in need, and are proving that doing good is doing good business too.

The Community Narrative: How Storytelling Can Humanize and Amplify the Value of What You Do

Presenter: Michael Margolis
Today we'll interactively explore how to unlock the narratives of identity and belonging, and how this can dramatically improve the value proposition of your community. What are the signals that show someone they fit or belong in your group? How can you accelerate that process with the right storytelling prompts and questions? How can unlocking the stories in your community convey the strategic value of your work?

The Power of Building for a Specific Community

Presenter: Morgan DeBaun
Audience engagement and user growth are two popular metrics in the startup community, but are they in conflict? Morgan DeBaun, CEO of Blavity, shares how she built a technology and media company aimed black millennials. The focus on creating community for a specific demographic has made Blavity one of the fastest growing digital media outlets on the web, reaching over 30 million people per month across their networks. Carrie Melissa Jones moderates.

How We Gather: Learning from Religious Communities

Presenter: Angie Thurston and Casper ter Kuile
What can community builders learn from religion? Harvard Divinity School researchers Angie Thurston and Casper ter Kuile share their research on what structures and systems build flourishing communities of belonging and formation. From CrossFit to 800-year-old monasteries, come and explore the next frontier of religion in America!

Connecting Our Community and Spreading Visibility: The FTM Traveler

Presenter: Malcolm Ribot
Have you ever discovered a need for connection in your community? Malcolm Ribot, a transgender man, began traveling around the United States over 2 years ago to meet others like himself. He's connected with those who'd never met another individual like them and didn't know there were others nearby. Learn how and why his trip began, and how it grew and evolved into an ongoing initiative to help fellow transgender men find one another in their own cities and towns.

Leading Your Community (IRL)

Presenter: Renata Simril
You’ve mastered Snap, Slack, AI, and Bots. Now let’s take it old school. An OG perspective on leadership, service, purpose – and Teddy Pendergrass and Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes. Stay woke, people!

Designing Community Experience

Presenter: Arielle Tannenbaum
Meaningful experiences are at the core of strong communities. How do you ensure that your members have fulfilling experiences that give them a sense of belonging? Community building, meet experience design! Arielle will explore how to think through the intentional lens of an experience designer to mindfully foster a community of engaged and devoted members.

Scale and Purpose - Building the World's Largest Open Network in Tourism

Presenter: Ian Cumming
Who would've dreamed the world's largest tourism industry community started in a Sydney youth hostel? Ian Cumming shares how word of mouth, three simple rules, and a bold plan to unearth and connect everyone in the tourism industry created a force of good in over 50 countries with over 30,000 members.

Don't Scale: Building Intentionally Slow Growth, High-Value Communities

Presenter: Brian Smith
When the product you sell is community, you want to build a community that creates as much value as possible to members. Brian will dive into the process of building a high-value community through means that don't traditionally scale. Rather than constant growth, he'll share how to increase the impact a community has upon its members, the meaning of the connections they build, and the effect their members have on the world around them.

How We Grew Our Community 500% by Switching to Slack

Presenter: Margot Mazur
Moving away from web forums can seem daunting. Margot will show you the steps she took to move her community to Slack and how they saw a 500% increase in active users. She'll share best practices on how successful create your Slack community.

Expand Your Event… Open Hearts and Minds

Presenter: Monica Fernandez
Great events close the gap between you and your community. Monica will show you how to create an inspiring space for individuals to participate and express themselves. She'll provide insight on how you may serve and supply their needs.

Building Community as a Thriving Growth Engine

Presenter: Jenna Kleine
Authentic relationships are the core of any healthy community, but can they drive growth? Jenna Kleine will share how to turn your community into your growth team's secret weapon. She'll dive into the tactics of building meaningful relationships that promote the growth and scaling of a community.

Balancing Inclusion and Exclusion in Online Communities

Presenter: Cesar Manara
As online community managers, we are often tasked with enforcing rules in our communities, including excluding members from the entire community altogether. Behavioral psychology believes punishment doesn't change behavior, so what does? How can we promote inclusivity and acceptance without relying on punishments for bad behavior?

What All Community Managers Can Learn from Association Communities

Presenter: Lindsay Starke
For hundreds of years, professional associations did the work of online communities: bringing like-minded people together to share ideas and support their mutual interests. These days, many of these organizations have online communities of their own, and Lindsay has worked with dozens of these vibrant, natural communities of practice. She will share some of the universal lessons learned and how they can inform and empower your community, no matter its purpose, demographics, or quirks.

Getting Buy-In for Your Community and Backing It Up

Presenter: Ashley Elder
Ashley Elder will share how the in-person community at Atlassian grew from an under-resourced side project to one of the top initiatives in the company. We'll work together to identify which eye-catching key metrics will prove value to your executive team; how to measure and track against those metrics; and how to back it up with tremendous growth and scale.

Employee Engagement: Think Movements, Not Metrics

Presenter: Jade Frank
We know employee engagement starts with shared purpose, a bigger-than-business goal. But an org chart contains few clues about how your company really gets things done. Jade Frank will dissect how big changes happen without an org chart, like Gandhi's Independence movement, highlighting the six roles active in every movement that transcend job titles. You'll learn your role and how you can tailor messages and structure engagements for maximum appeal.

Common + Unity = Community

Presenter: Marya Bangee
In an age of increasing disconnect, how we come together in community matters. Who is part of your communit(ies)? More importantly, who is not? The idea of community encompasses the idea of the common — the public arena, that which belongs to many — and unity — which is what brings people together. In the face of polarization, how can we build inclusive communities that model the world that we seek to build? In this Q&A, Marya Bangee will speak about building intentional communities that use the power of story to connect individuals, deepen relationships, and transcend traditional boundaries. Moderated by Erica McGillivray.

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"CMX Summit was a fantastic experience. I have already written up a post with a major call-to-action for our internal teams. I can't wait to use the information learned to help take our community efforts forward."

Kris Freedain
User Community Manager at AWS Elemental

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Briana Dodson
Social Media Community Manager at The Penny Hoarder

"CMX did a great job of selecting speakers that apply the concept of community to a wide range of areas like tech, government, film, social entrepreneurship, and religion. That's why I would definitely recommend CMX to anyone. Community is integral to human happiness because we all want to belong to something bigger than ourselves, whether we realize it or not. Happy humans translate to good business."

Natalie M. Garda
Content Marketing Manager at Nexosis

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